360A5166_w07_crop_borderI have not always been fascinated with colours.  When I was a teenager, I would dress mainly in brown, black and blue.  Wearing red? Or yellow?  No way..  After the teenage years, I was disoriented and could not make my mind up on what colour I really liked, why I should like them and which I would feel more comfortable to wear. How things have changed since!

Slowly, I started to appreciate colours.  Today I want to start to talk about the colour ‘Green’, respectfully.   I have to premise that whilst I love and wear certain shades of green – more close to the blueish/turquoisey kind – I very seldom wear a true ‘green’.

So what does ‘green’ mean?  Green is the colour of growth and it is associated with garden – you only need to look to our trees, and leaves.  It is the colour of life, renewal (springtime) and rebirth.  Given that a New Moon is approaching, it seem the obvious colour to start with.

If you like ‘green’ you are probably a down-to-earth type of person, are balanced (mind and emotions), love natural things, and you are a loyal, caring and nurturing individual who enjoys very good relationships with family and friends. Green is also the colour of prosperity and business, having being associated with US Dollar.

When I look at the Chakra colours, ‘green’ is the heart centre – it represents love.  The Heart Chakra (Anahata) is the transformation point that enables us to connect with our spirit and soul. When balanced and developed, it enables us to live more compassionately, growing and nurturing healthy relationships and be more willing to receive as well as give love.

What does green mean to you?

Do you like green at all?

Do you wear green? And if so, when?