IMG_7506_07_borderAs I walked the dog in the park this morning, I came across this wonderful rose. So following on the colours’ theme – now let’s talk about red, one of the primary colours.

Our ancestors associated the colour red with fire and blood.  No wonder that red is associated with energy: we need fire to keep warm and we need blood in our bodies to keep us alive.

Emotionally speaking, the colour red is associated with passion, desire and romance.  Just think about ‘red roses’ on St Valentine’s Day.   ‘Red velvet’ carries connotations of sensuality and luxury.  To our VIPs, we extend the ‘red carpet’ – leadership and power.   Some of the best known – and loved – icons of British life use the colour red: the red post box, the red double-decker bus, the old telephone box.   Red is associated with danger, anger (‘I saw red’) and conflict, as well as courage, vigour and determination.

Looking at the Chakras, red is the colour of the Root Chakra, the base.  It is the first Chakra located at the base of our spine.  It carries our ancestral ‘baggage’ – that’s where our survival instincts reside.  A stable and secure Root Chakra will give us the right support to seek and experience transformation and personal growth through the development and balance of the other Chakras.

Personally, I love red – but that’s only my opinion! And I do wear it purposefully to show determination or when the weather is so dull and grey, that my day needs something to brighten it up!

What does red mean to you?

Do you like red at all?

Do you wear red? And if so, when?