Returning to my favourite subject now – colours!   I was inspired last week-end to take some photographs of this autumn season… and the photo is not out of focus, I shall explain.

My favourite artists have always been the Impressionists and it is not cliche’, I truly sense the vibrations of their message, their art, their being and minds through every stroke of paint.  A few years ago I was privileged to visit a Van Gogh exhibition at the Royal Academy with a friend – it was one of the biggest exhibitions ever held by the RA.  I remember being drawn to one of his paintings – Flowering Garden, found an image at

I stood in front of that painting for ages and went back several times; every single stroke was carefully crafted on the canvas, in almost a very painful way.  Vincent was a genius! I was so moved that I wanted to cry.

I could never remotely paint anything as beautiful as he did – so the technique used in this photo is more of an aspiration and of a thank you to Vincent and his Impressionists friends for the joys and pleasure that their work brought into my life.

Do you have a favourite artist?

Which artist has inspired you?

or has influenced your work or your life?