360A1757_w_cropped_KSPIf you are going to the Winkworth Arboretum, nr Godalming, this week of half term – be warned as it is likely to be super busy.  I went yesterday and the place was heaving.  The ticket official said that they had more visitors than expected yesterday.  The extra flow car park was extra full.

After 2 hours drive and having my card photo emailed to me as I had forgotten it at home, I went through.  I had never been of course and the place did not disappoint me.  The colours were fantastic.  I started shooting with my camera, but the ordinary photos looked so bland, so ordinary, that I fancied some experimentation with my camera.  When I got back home, I nearly binned this photo, but I held it back.  This morning I came across some paintings of Erin Hanson and read her interview- I was in awe, they are stunning and I can look at them for hours.  In her own words, they are: textured, vibrant and mosaic!

I came back to this photo and thought what I could do with it – here is the result.

Not a patch to her wonderful work, but I can only aspire.

Do you always follow your intuition?  Have you ever thrown something away only to regret it afterwards?

You can read the interview with Erin Hanson at this link