360A2030_w07_w1_up_clean_writingWhen you learn to drive, the instructor teaches you how pressure on the pedals will take you to the ‘biting point’ – the point when a car will move forward.  Any imbalance in the pressure put on the pedals and you will stall the car.

Art requires balance.  Artists strive to produce the perfect creation.  They visualize it in their mind. The visualised work runs through the corridors of the brain, uses the eye and hands to define, perfect, redefine and retouch.   Their aspiration for perfection in a work is a double-edge sword. There is a fine line between a work that is almost perfect and the  point where any more retouch and the work will be spoilt.  A bit like stalling a car.

We need vision in our lives to achieve and create.  We need balance when we redefine and retouch.  We need an incredible amount of belief and courage when we have crossed the ‘perfect’ point, to go back to our vision and start afresh.