Dear Father Christmas,

Just to let you know

That at Christmastime we expect some snow.


I guess – Are you on your way?

 Are the presents all packed on the sleigh?

Have you checked all those sleigh bells

To make sure that they jingle, whilst on tow

As you ride out of North Pole town?

Have you checked that your flying licence is up to date?

Have you got a spare pair of glasses just in case?

Be mindful of the bright Full Moon tonight

– there is no way to hide.


Can I make one last minute request?

Yes, I know it was not on the list…(sigh!)

And that I am now starting to sound like a pest.

A favour, please lovely Father Christmas, from Winterwonderland?

Can you throw some snow on the sleigh.

And let the reindeer sprinkle snowflake all the way?

And put some kindness, magic, joy, peace in each snowflake

As you glide across the skies tonight, this Christmas night.