360A2738_wMy fascination with colours never ceases and I have taken a keen interest in adult colouring books and in particular mandalas.  I love mandalas – they have almost an hypnotic effect on me.  They are complex abstract designs in circular form; a mandala is a spiritual pattern that helps meditate, switches off the analytical mind, unlocks creativity, enhances intuition, aids clarity and boosts relaxation.

After speaking with a friend about it and seeing another friend’s Facebook post on adult colouring books, I decided to launch a poll on a local network of residents to find out the local level of interest in participating to an adult colouring club.  The response was good.

At the same time I have also created in Facebook a community page for those who may want to post their work on line.  In this cyber society, you never know, people might be more comfortable to share and participate on line.  Colouring Club on line

Do you have an interest in adult colouring books?

Would you consider participating to an adult colouring club?

In your opinion, which charity could this activity be associated with or support?