©2016 Klicksmart Photography, all rights reservedI am not referring to the EU, the referendum or freedom of movement in Europe.  This is about DANCING! Yes, Dancing.  As kids we learn through movement to express our intentions and expressions. As we grow older, dancing remains a great way to keep fit, to be creative and to find freedom in movement.

We were not born to be sitting at desks, work in offices and breathe stifled air conditioning.   Dancing gives a chance to improve our coordination and gain better posture; it helps us to improve our memory (just think about remembering the steps of line dancing).  It teaches us to interact with people, give them space and be sociable, find new friends; it helps us cope with stress and brings colour into our lives.  It is fun to dress up for that jiving soiree or feel like the star of a great musical, tap dancing like Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers.

Not everybody can write music or play a musical instrument – yet, everybody can appreciate music of some kind.  And although no-one is born a dancer, we can all learn to move with the music.

There are a number of school, tutors, dance studios across London and Surrey.  Informal local tea&dance afternoons offer a great chance to practice and have cake!  A winning situation.

Personally, I loved and miss my Shakti dance lessons.