20160726_133222I have been reading a number of marketing articles lately when I came across the statement that Content is king.  Then I asked myself:- Hold on a minute – why king and not queen? Is this gender stereotyping? But, I read on and found more recent articles stating that Content is king but Distribution is queen and she wears the pants.  Oh well, I feel better. But do I really? Or is this some form of appeasement?  We are surrounded by chatter about gender equality. Yet, has our mindset not changed?

Social and digital media have not been around since ‘kings and queens’, but started in the 80s and then took hold in the 90s and later became even more influential, an essential part of our lives.  The movement towards gender equality started a few centuries ago  but at least in the UK, the foot was placed on the ‘accelerator‘ post-world war II.  In this progressive age, why fall into the trap of the old cliches in describing concepts, ideas or simply convey certain messages?  Why not show courage and an unflinching commitment to gender equality, in particular in the context of social and digital media?

Why not use a more neutral reference?  For example, say Content is Supreme?  What do you think?  Any other alternatives?