Art by the beach-1I have been thinking a lot about creativity and art recently.

Have you ever found yourself in front of a large (and I mean, large!) blank canvas, have been asked to draw, paint or do something with it, create something?  I have. First thought: where do I start from? Second thought: what am I going to express? How am I going to express it?  Third thought: why am I panicking?

So,  I was pleasantly surprised to discover art by the beach on the last day of our vacation; the classes are run by Jeanni, literally on the beach at Mawgan Porth in Cornwall, as you can see from the images.  Her ‘students’ were from different ages.  Under the expert and patient guidance of Jeanni, I saw them flicking the paint brush, getting their hands really dirty with the paint, without fear, and creating simple and fresh work on a canvas.  It was encouraging to see a younger generation engaged in the physical process of handling paint, brush, pots and canvases rather than chasing Pokemon Go!

Click here to know about Jeanni’s work

I would have loved to talk to Jeanni more and had a lots of thoughts that I wanted to discuss with her.   What is creativity?  Where do we find it?  Is it something natural in all of us, some or a few of us? Can it be developed? Is there a relationship between our hands (the ability to create), the intellect (the thought process we go through to create and make art) and our heart and our well-being?   What is relationship between creativity, productivity and interaction with the world around us?  How is our well-being impacted if we starve our creativity for too long?

Do you have any views?  Any thoughts or experiences that you would like to share?