I stumbled over an interesting article in The Times last week-end.

A school in Somerset has decided to offer an alternative type of physical education to its pupils.  Zumba, yoga and pilates classes are replacing the more traditional rugby, cricket or football.  Personally I am delighted to see yoga on a school’s agenda!

But that’s not all.  Mr Price, the headmaster has decided to offer nutrition, leadership and mindfulness classes.  Wellbeing classes, in short.

Why? And why not?  A number of reasons.

For a start, not all children like competitive sports or engage in them.

Secondly, wellbeing classes offer children an opportunity to learn social and soft skills earlier in life.

Thirdly, wellbeing classes can improve children’s concentration, focusing on academic topics and achievements.

Fourthly, wellbeing classes can be equally attended by boys as well as girls.  There is no strength or force involved, any possible physical limitations between female and male do not apply.     They help children raise an awareness of their own self-being: the strength of their heart, the power of their own mind and the connection with their soul.

Physical Education as we knew it at school is changing and what is wrong with that?  Isn’t the world around us changing too – on both sides of the Atlantic?

Any views?   Do you agree with Mr Price?