©2016 Klicksmart Photography, all rights reservedHow did you use to send Father Christmas your wish list?  When I was a child, we used to write letters and post them.  Apparently the postmen used to get quite a lot of junk mail around this time – did they use to throw the letters in the bin?  No idea, I guess.

So it was surprising to hear about Father Christmas’ Apps.  Well I never, I said to myself.  Of course, if your children are grown up you have probably missed this craze too.  I read up about them, looked for them on my Apps and found what it is considered the best App “A call from Santa”.  The App has a jovial looking Father Christmas as an icon and feels like Christmas.

Well, it did not stop there though, did it?

No, my curiosity got the better of me, I am afraid and – yes, you guessed it – I downloaded the App.  Not only that, I actually started sending messages to Santa Claus and rang his number to hear his voicemail.

Another feature says ‘Use it all around to encourage good behaviour’.  Well, now I know!

Feeling rather humble by the experience, I will not share the exchange of texts – they will remain between me and Santa Claus.

I guess that we never get rid of the voice of our inner child….