instaLagom and Hygge – Strange names, aren’t they? Have you heard of them?  Have you read about them in a newspaper and lifestyle magazine?

What do they mean and what is the difference, you may ask.


  • Literal translation of Lagom is ‘just the right amount’
  • Lagom is more about behavior generally, the culture and the way people live
  • It promotes ‘grow your own’ and encourages people to reduce food waste
  • It means becoming more aware of the environmental impact of our actions, way of living.
  • It is about sustainability. It encourages people to bring changes to their lives to achieve more balance and avoid excesses, being in harmony with nature
  • it is about living well


  • Hygge is the art of creating intimacy
  • It is about finding happiness and personal comfort
  • It is about creating an intimate ambient that brings contentment and togetherness. So, you wear natural fibre clothes (for example, the woollen jumper, socks, blanket); you light a soft candle; you take your favourite book and put on your favourite music and together with your friends you sip warm hot drinks and homemade pastry by the crackling fire
  • Hygge spring/summer version is about creating togetherness by going with your family and friends for a bike ride followed by a picnic or BBQ
  • Whereas Lagom is a way of life, Hygge is a moment in time

What do they both have in common?  No phone, no email, no social media, no TV.  BLISS or BORING?!

But I have been asking myself a few questions:

  • What is so appealing about Hygge and Lagom?
  • Why are we drawn to these cultural aspects of the Scandinavian countries?
  • Has our Western society – as a whole – now reached the peak of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
  • Or is it simply another chase in pursuit of happiness?
  • What is your view?

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