There is an old joke in our family that dates back to when my daughter first learnt punctuation.  The topic? The use of semi-colons.semicolon

I confess; I am a big fan of semi-colons.  The definition is: a punctuation mark that separates two major sentences.  There you have it; can it be any clearer?   You can use the semi-colon to break up a long sentence into shorter sentences of a related matter or you can use the semi-colon instead of using conjunctions such as ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘so’ or ‘but’.  It is a short pause in a paragraph – you use it when you feel that a full-stop will break the flow of your writing but the comma might not be enough!

My attempt to instil in my daughter the same affection I had for semi-colons was sadly quashed by one of her school teachers; my daughter came back from school one day declaring that the semi-colons are irrelevant – her teacher said so.   

So whenever I use a semi-colon or talk about it, I see my daughter’s eyes rolling as she says: ‘Here she goes again…’    😉

Do you use semi-colons in your writing?  

Do you think that semi-colons are irrelevant?  Outdated? Useless?

I would love your feedback.