Don’t you just love weddings?
Your wedding day is a personal and lifetime changing event. It is a magical day that is lived by couples differently – full of elegance, colours, music, and for some, quirkiness, eccentricity – but most of all LOVE.

Your wedding is just the beginning of your journey for you and your partner.

As a female photographer I bring insights drawn from experience – I know what it feels like walking down the aisle.  You may fidget with hair and make up – everything needs to be kept perfect. Ah! feeling those butterflies, giggling with the bridemaids, glancing to the closk and when it will come to walking down the aisle, you feel softness under your feet as if you are walking on clouds!!
All couples want beautiful photos of their wedding.  Images that show emotions, intimacy, laughter.   Your wedding day is unique. You would love to see again and again whatever unfolds on the day…Little things make a small difference to telling the story of your wedding day…the moments of joy, tenderness expressed through an embrace, a reassurng squeeze of hands, a touch or simply a look.
Seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day…now that has to be a precious moment that’s worth a lifetime. The tenderness in your partner’s eyes will melt your heart for a lifetime. Was that the look he or she gave you when you fell in love? Or was it the warming smile greeting or when he or she holds your hand on your wedding day?  These moments of magic are priceless.

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